Hog Ring Clips & Pliers CL22
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Hog Ring Clips & Pliers CL22

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CL22 hog rings need to be applied with hog ring pliers. The galvanised steel rings are supplied unbent in strips of fifty, and there are twenty strips in a box ( 1000 hog rings in total ).

These are hog ring pliers for cl22 hog rings - we use them for 3mm weldmesh since the cl22 hog rings are slightly thicker. cl22 hog rings can be used for either securing weldmesh together (making cage traps, cages etc), for fixing chicken wire to make pheasant/chicken pens or attaching industrial fencing to strained wires. The pliers use strips of cl22 hog rings. The strip is inserted in a magazine that sites between the handles. When used the magazine loads the hog rings to the head one after the other. Because the hog ring magazine is between the handles, the pliers can be use by right handed or left handed people. The handles and jaws are made from painted mild steel. The magazine is made from plated mild steel.