Fenceman CP450 Battery Energiser
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Fenceman CP450 Battery Energiser

£144.95 inc. vat

The Fenceman CP450 Battery Energiser has a high power output of up to 9,100v, making it ideal for all types of fences up to a maximum of 3000 metres.

The CP450 is powered by a 12v wet cell battery (not supplied), or 4 x internal D cell batteries (supplied), which can be used for back-up power when the 12v battery is charging. Constant power output throughout the useful life of the battery means that there is no loss of output as the battery voltage drops.

It has two power settings so it can be run at full power for maximum protection, or half power to increase battery life. It also features a power level indication light, easy to use on/off button, earth stake, connection leads, dual purpose mounting/earth stake, 4 x D cell batteries and installation instructions.

The CP450 Battery Energiser is suitable for general farm use and recommended for horses, cattle, pigs and poultry.