BioLink Bi-OO-Cyst

BioLink Bi-OO-Cyst

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Bi-oo-Cyst is a powerful disinfectant, whilst also being effective against endoparasites especially oocysts. Its broad spectrum of activity is effective against viruses, bacteria, moulds and yeasts.

The versatility of Bi-oo-Cyst offers farmers the first product that will not only disinfect but at the same time reduce coccidiosis all in one simple operation.

  • Coccidiocide effective against excreted endoparasites including
  • unsporulated oocysts
  • Effective against avian influenza newcastle disease
  • Bactericide
  • Fungicide
Apply at the recommended dilution rate via a power-washer with foaming lance.
Routine Disinfection 1/100
Newcastle disease 1/200
Defra Diseases of Poultry Orders 1/125
Defra general order 1/50
Defra TB order 1/15
Coccidiosis 1/30
Salmonella 1/200
Mycobacteria 1/100