Termoswed Light Crew Neck Top

Termoswed Light Crew Neck Top

£35.95 inc. vat

ThermoSwed is the ultimate in high performance insulation in Sweden.

TermoSwed is the only hunting underwear 'Tested and Approved' by Gore for use as a base layer under their Gore-Tex® outerwear.

Garments are available in either original TermoSwed Plus or TermoSwed Light, which is a thinner, lighter-weight version of the same technology designed to satisfy the more active individual who requires a higher moisture transfer rate in temperatures ranging form +10 degrees C to -15 degrees C.

Inside a TermoSwed garment is rib-knit polypropylene, which is ultra-lightweight, non-allergenic, machine washable at high temperatures and comfortablenext to the skin.

This inner layer transports the body's moisture and condensation away to the outer layer of hardwearing plain-knit cotton, where it is absorbed.

This means the body is always kept warm and dry and the garments' unique design gives freedom of movement and makes them comfortable to wear.