Ruby Difenacoum Bait
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Ruby Difenacoum Bait

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Professional Grade WHOLE WHEAT rodenticide in various pack sizes.
Professional quality now for amatuer use. First class Rat & Mouse poison.
Suitable for use in many areas where Rats are active, protect from non target animals and replenish every other day to ensure the bait does not deplete completely.
Ready to use Rat & Mouse poison on a whole graint base with additives to improve palatability.
Contains: 0.005% Difenacoum anti-coagulant poison.
Additives to avoid human consumption.
WHOLE Wheat is normally most attractive to Rats but is also suitable for Mouse control.
100gm of bait is sufficient to kill 4-6 Mice or 1 Rat.
Please use safe baiting methods! Protect bait from non-target animals/children.

  • Professional Use only
  • Effective poison for Rats
  • Difenacoum 0.005%