Gamekeepa Feeds and Supplies provide feeders, drinkers, feed, game cover seeds and comprehensive list of pest control and game rearing products for gamekeepers, estate managers, country keeper, gamebird and poultry rearing, shoot syndicate, farmers and all involved in country enterprises and pursuits.

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Gamekeepa Feeds & Supplies Ltd, Raddle Lane, Edingale, Tamworth, Staffs, B79 9JR - VAT no: 927 8659 66 - Company registration no: 6512043

Supplier of country sports and country clothing, accessories and equipment, including Beretta, Grubs, Garlands, Buck, Opinel, Leatherman, Whitby, Acme, Chudleys, Stanley and Realtree.
We stock a comprehensive range of feeders, drinkers, cleaners, disinfectants, egg washers, incubators, feeds, game cover crop seeds and products for pest control and game rearing. Including the top brands Agwa 6, Virkon S, Victor and Cleankill by Clinimax, Antec, Bio Link and Jeyes Fluid. Plasson parts, Watermaster, Minimaster, G89. Brinsea, Supawash, Hovabator, Bristol and Gamesan. Matabi, Kingfeeder, Manola, Tay C, Pinnacle and Snowdon, also Feedmaster and Parkland, in addition, a selection of recycled feeders utilising spiral diy kits, animal spikes and feeder pan kits. Feeds supplied by BOCM Pauls, Marsdens, H. J. Lea Oakes and Henry Bell also the attractants Entice and Stayput plus Janssen's Gamebird Tonic. Detoxerol, Stalosan, Aviguard, Solulyte and Protex. Henry Krank, Kenwood and Motorola, Fenceman, Bostitch and Lightforce. Pest control brands Phostoxin, Deadline by Rentokill, Talunex, Killarat, Rodex and Roban poisons. Pelgar, Albion, Kania, MK 4, MK 6 traps. Also, leading brands of Sierra and Gasolec, Roxan, Quicktags, Eco bedding products like Diceabed and Ecobale. Mondial and D3 crates, and Gold Cockerel books. In addition many more top brands of wellies, walking boots and other footwear, dog food and dog accessories, men's country clothing, ladies country clothing to shooting and shooting accessories, for all gamekeepers, estate managers, the country keeper, game rearing, pheasant rearing, poultry rearing, shoot syndicate, farmers and game farmers and all involved in any game and country enterprises.