Here at Gamekeepa we are dedicated to develop and improve our products and services.

We are now able to offer our famous Stay-put holding spice in a 1ltr bottle. We have also increased the concentration levels so that 1ltr of Stay-put will now treat up to 1 tonne of feed. We are also able to offer this product at an even more attractive price of just 19.95.

Stay-Put Concentrate is still available in 250ml bottles. This product will treat 1 tonne of feed and can be mixed with your desired amount of vegetable oil (We recommend 1-10ltrs as desired). The price for this product has also been reduced from 16.50 to 14.95.

We have improved the recipe of our extremely popular Entice Holding Spice Powder. With increased levels of Star Anise, plus a couple of other secret additives, we feel that this is the most attractive game bird spice on the market by miles. This product comes in a 1kg tub and is sufficient to treat 1 tonne of feed. Prices for this product have also been slashed from 23.95 to 19.95.

We have trialed all of the above products on our own shoot this year and are extremely happy with the results we are seeing. We have found that birds are holding in more concentrated numbers than ever before.

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