Ambush Millet mixture

Ambush Millet mixture

£39.60 inc. vat

Average sowing rate: 5kg/ac. Untreated.

3.00kg White Millet,
2.00kg Japanese Reed Millet.

Ambush millet mix is a combination of White Millet and Japenese Reed Millet. The Reed Millet being a stronger plant and more winter hardy provides cover while the White Millet produces plentiful seed to hold the birds in the cover. It is an ideal mixture for use as a wind-proof belt on the outside of a block of maize or as a flushing point at the end of maize.

  • Reed millet provides cover for flushing throughout the season,
  • White Millet will provide feed to hold birds in cover,
  • Ideally suited for use as a wind-proof belt or flushingpoint around maize,
  • Very winter hardy,
  • Pack size 1 acre.